Yamaha V MAX SHO

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V6 V MAX SHO® 4.2 Liter Big Bore

The Game Changing Four Stroke Series

In the world of competitive fishing, the two stroke reigned supreme. That is, until Yamaha unleashed the four stroke V MAX SHO. Tournament after tournament, the hole shot on the V MAX SHO has put two strokes to shame. Add in its light weight, and its quiet, clean-burning, fuel-efficient four stroke power, and it's one fierce competitor.



The Faster, Smarter Four Stroke

Imagine the performance of a V MAX SHO in an even more streamlined design. The I-4 V MAX SHO 175, 150 and 115 are viciously competitive, featuring superior tech packages that produce impressive hole shot, midrange acceleration and exhilarating top speed. And of course, their mix of four-stroke efficiency and two-stroke performance is a winning combination.